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Combination of a noun in instrumental/genitive case with several verbs. Making word-combinations

Hello, dear student! Today we start making word-combinations "Noun + verb". As there are lots of ways to do it, today I'd like to give consideration to nouns in the instrumental/genitive case and to several verbs, the formation and changing in tenses of which you can find in my previous articles. Today let's look at the personal pronouns, which act as noun in a sentence:

Singular form:
· Я [Ya] I
· Ты [Ty] You (singular)
· Он [On] He
· Она [Ana] She

Plural form:
· Мы [My] We
· Вы [Vy] You (plural)
· Они [Ani] They

Let's add the verb "ждать" (to wait) in the future tense, imperative mood to these pronouns:
Я подожду [Ya padazhdu] - I will wait - This sentence is in the indicative mood, we have the pronoun "я" (I) + verb in the future tense "подожду" (что сделаю?). But to show your interlocutor that you are waiting for someone, we should add a noun in the instrumental case, which answers the question "кого?" (жду кого?)

Я подожду тебя [Ya padazhdu tibya] - I will be waiting for you

Pay attention, in Russian you cannot use the personal pronoun "Я" in the genitive case in this sentence, otherwise you will get the following:
Я подожду себя там [Ya padazhdu sibya tam] - I will be waiting for myself here

Of course, you can say this way, but it is a nonsense, as you can't wait for yourself!

It is correct to say:
Я подожду (кого?) тебя (for the personal pronoun "ты") там. [Ya padazhdu tibya tam] - I will be waiting for you there.

Now let's do the same with pronouns in instrumental case (с кем? - with whom?)
Я подожду тебя + noun in the instrumental case:
Я подожду тебя там с ней [Ya padazhdu tibya tam s nej] - I will be waiting for you there with her.
С кем? - с ней (formed from the personal pronoun "она")

Pay attention, you can use names instead of personal pronouns:
Я подожду тебя там с Таней [Ya padazhdu tibya tam s Tanej] - I will be waiting for you there with Tanya.

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