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Characters of Russian fairy tales and where you can meet them in modern speech

Hello, dear student! Today we will talk about fairy tales.

Сказка [Skazka] A fairy tale - is the story printed in books, made up from ancient times and inherited by following generations. There are a lot of fictional characters in fairy tales.

Вымышленный [Vymyshlinyj] Not true/Fictional

Персонаж [Pirsanazh] A hero in a book/A character

Characters in the Russian tales are different - there're a lot of them and some of their names are become to be used in a modern life for ordinary people.

Let's look at some of them:

Кощей Бессмертный [Kachshey Bismertnyy] - An old man, who is absolutely immortal, kind of witch

It's the hero, who was rather odd, fearful and old. He lived in a forest and did bad things to ordinary people. In modern life one can call "Кощей Бессмертный" a man, who is bad, ugly, untidy and dirty.

Фу! Посмотри на этого мужчину, прям настоящий Кощей Бессмертный! [Fu! Pasmatri na ekhtava muzhchinu, pryam Kasshej Bismertnyj!] - Phew! Look at this man, he looks just as Koschei the Immortal (old and disgusting)!

Фея [Feya] a fairy - is a magic character, very kind woman, who saves people, especially poor ones and gives hope and happiness. In modern life we call this way very nice women, who helps and kindly addresses other people, who helps to live and realize goals and plans.

Боже мой, ты настоящая фея! Ты сделала невозможное возможным! [Bozhi moj, ty nastayasshaya feya! Ty zdelala nivazmozhnae vazmozhnym!] - Oh my God, you are a real fairy! Impossible is nothing for you!

Золушка [Zolushka] - A Cinderella

Золушка - is the character of poor girl, who lives with step-mother and her children, who is always offended and made to do all work. In the end, she meets her prince and becomes a rich princess.

In modern life we call "Золушка" girls and women, who work a lot, especially if they have to do extra work of their bosses as they cannot refuse it.

Таня, как Золушка, всю работу в офисе делает за всех. [Tanya, kak Zolushka, vsyu rabotu f ofise delaet za fsekh] - Tanya, like Cinderella, does all the staff's work herself.

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