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How to deal with money or the most important verbs

Hello, dear student! Today we will talk about the way how to deal with money, as it will be useful for us everywhere, especially for those who work, study or go for shopping.

There is a range of verbs, which are similar in sounding but have different meanings:

1. Платить [Platit'] to pay - is the verb, which tells us that we have to give money for our shopping, service or work, for example:

Папа платит нашему шофёру небольшие деньги [Papa platit nashimu shafyoru nibal'shie den'gi] - My dad pays our driver not much money

За счастье приходится платить [Za sshastye prikhoditsya platit'] - One needs to pay for his happiness

The meaning of this example is not literal, here it means that "платить" is something that we should return. People often wait for happiness, and when it comes, they have to give something back for it.

The synonyms or semantically related words to the verb "платить" are verbs "заплатить" [zaplatit'] to pay, "уплатить" [uplatit'] to pay and "оплатить" [aplatit'] to pay

Мама сказала, что надо заплатить за свет [Mama skazala, shto nada zaplatit' za svet] - Mom said, we have to pay for the electricity.

2. Переплатить [piriplatit'] to overpay - this verb shows that a person has given more money than it has been requested, for example:

Какой ужас, эта вещь такая некрасивая, ты явно переплатила за неё! [Kakoj uzhas, ekhta vesh' takaya nekrasivaya, ty yavna piriplatila za niyo] - Oh my Gosh, this thing is so ugly, you definitely overpaid for that.

3. Доплатить [doplatit'] to pay in addition - the verb which describes the action, when a person has paid not much, not enough, that's why he should return more money to achieve a result/pay full amount.

Вы заказали доставку на дом, поэтому вам придётся доплатить этой фирме [Vy zakazali dastafku na dam, paekhtamu vam pridyotsya daplatit' ekhtaj firme] - You ordered home delivery, so you have to pay the company for that.

4. Расплатиться [rasplatit'sya] to pay off - the verb which is similar to the verb "платить", but is usually used in those situations, when we pay money for any service. For example:

Мне придется долго расплачиваться за долги перед банком [Mne pridyotsya dolga rasplachivat'sya za dalgi pired bankam] - I have to pay the bank off for a long time

Евгений расплатился за обед и ушёл [Ivgenij rasplatilsya za abed i ushyol] - Evgeniy paid for lunch and left the place.

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