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How to describe your day and your affairs in Russian

Hello, dear student! Today we will discuss the ways how to tell people what you have done throughout the day. Our friends, acquaintances or some people in the interview usually ask this question to know us better. We know that we usually need adjectives to describe any characteristic but the most important role is played by verbs because they show us certain action, for example:

Я встаю в семь (7) часов утра и долго лежу в постели [Ya fstayu f sem' utra i dolga lezhu f pasteli] - I wake up at 7 o'clock in the morning and lie in bed quite for a long time.

Я встаю очень рано и сразу же иду в ванную комнату, чтобы привести себя в порядок [Ya fstayu ochen' rana i srazu zhe idu v vanuyu komnatu, shtoby privesti sebya f paryadak] - I get up quite early in the morning and go straight in my bathroom just to clean myself up.

You can use days of the week, that I have described in previous articles, for more detailed description, for example:

В понедельник я встаю рано, а в субботу в 9 часов утра [F panidel'nik ya fstayu rana, a f subotu v devit' chasov utra] - On Monday I get up early in the morning, but on Saturday I wake up at 9 a.m.

Then you can describe what you have for breakfast, what you do after it and what you do at dinnertime:

После плотного завтрака я еду на работу и до обеда провожу время в офисе, затем я иду на обед, а после него гуляю с друзьями в парке [Posle plotnava zaftraka ya edu na rabotu i do abeda pravazhu vremya v ofise, zatem ya idu na abed, a posle nivo gulyaju s druzyami f parke] - After substantial breakfast I go to work and spend my time in the office till lunchtime, then I go to have lunch and after it walk with my friends in the park.

To describe actions, you can use such verbs, as:

Гуляю в парке [Gulyajyu f parke] - I'm going for a walk in the park
Делаю уроки [Delayu uroki] - I'm doing my homework
Гуляю с собакой [Gulyayu s sabakaj] - I'm going for a walk with my dog
Готовлю обед [Gatovlyu abed] - I'm making dinner
Ухаживаю в саду за растениями [Ukhazhivayu f sadu za rasteniyami] - I'm taking care of the plants in the garden
Бегаю по утрам [Begayu pa utram] I'm running in the morning
Глажу белье [Glazhu bil'yo] - I'm ironing clothes

As a result, you can finish your story with the description of your evening affairs, for example:

Мыть посуду [Myt' pasudu] - Washing dishes/ Washing up
Смотреть телевизор [Smatret' tilivizar] - Watching TV
Играть в компьютерную игру [Igrat' v kamp'yutekhrnuyu igru] - Playing video games
Писать письма [Pisat' pis'ma] - Writing letters/Texting
Общаться с семьёй [Apsshat'sya s sim'yoj] - Chatting with the family

По вечерам я люблю читать книги и смотреть кино [Pa vicheram ya lyublyu chitat' knigi i smatret' kino] - In the evenings I like reading books and watching films.

Therefore, combining all the above mentioned phrases, you can shortly tell about your affairs which you have throughout the day.

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