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The work on pronunciation of consonants: voiceless – voiced

Russian voiced consonants are fully-voiced consonants, i.e. the vocal cords work during the pronouncing of this consonant.

The formation of pronouncing mechanism of voiceless and voiced consonants should be developed by doing the following exercises:

1. Onomatopoeia (sound imitation). The pronouncing is focused on intensification of the sound: з – зззззз (z – zzzzz; zooming like mosquitos), ж – жжжж (zh – zhzhzh; buzzing like bees), ддддд (ddddd; knocking like hammer) etc.

2. The exercises on the difference between voiced and voiceless consonants:

ада аза – аса
аба ада – ата
ава аба – апа
ажа ажа – аша

3. The combination with sonorant (sonorant + voiced consonant). Let's pronounce these words:

Пемза [pemza], амба [amba], Ангара [Angara], амбар [ambar], канва [kanva], Анды [Andy], ангары [angary], Анвар[Anvar], Анзор [Anzor], Пенза [Penza], мандарин [mandarin], ландыш [landysh], манго [mango] etc.

4. The combination with sonorant (voiced consonant + sonorant). Let's pronounce these words:

злой [zloi], нужно [nuzhno], одна [adna], модно [modna], можно [mozhna], разный [raznyj], ладно [ladna] etc.

5. The opposition of word pairs in voicelessness and sonority:

вар [var] – фар [far], злой [zloi] – слой [sloi], бар [bar] – пар [par], жар [zhar] – шар [shar], зам [zam] – сам [sam], дом[dom] – том [tom].

6. The training of sound pairs [т]/[-t] – [д]/[d]:

Том – дом. Дом Тома.
Но Тома нет дома.
Там дом. Тут Том.
Вот Том. Это его дом. Это дом Тома.
Том сейчас дома. Том читает «Тихий Дон».
Он читает первый том. Друг Тома Дан читает второй том.
Tom – home. Tom's home.
But Tom isn't at home.
There is home. Here is Tom
Here is Tom. There is his home. It is Tom's home
Now Tom is at home. Tom is reading «Quietly Flows the Don»
He is reading the first volume. Tom's friend Dan is reading the second volume.

7. The exercises to consolidate the material (increased complexity). Replace an adjective with the word with the opposite meaning. Point out paired consonants (voiced-voiceless):

Холодный кофе - (горячий) кофе,
лёгкая папка - (тяжёлая) папка,
маленький диван - (большой) диван,
весёлая картинка - (грустная) картинка.
Cold coffee – (hot) coffee
light folder – (heavy) folder
small sofa – (large) sofa
funny picture – (sad) picture

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