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How to learn to pronounce the sound "Ы". exercise system

The sound of "Ы" is present in the Russian language and does not exist in other languages. Each hard consonant in Russian painted on the "Ы", and each soft on the "И" and the sounds involved in the formation of hardness-softness of the Russian language. The following exercises are there for setting the sound.
  1. Since the pronunciation of the vowel "Ы" position of the tongue and mouth opening is the same as in the pronunciation of the vowel "У", while the lips are stretched as in the pronunciation of the vowel "И", is pronounced "У" sound, and then to pronounce the sound "И" change only the position of the lips: "УУ-ЫЫЫ."
  2. The sound of "Ы" can be used for the production of "И". To do this, pull the tongue back strongly. To the language was far drawn back, we can fix it with a pencil (pens, spoons).

Fix the position of the lips and tongue when pronouncing the "Ы" will exercise the following system using a mirror.
  1. Round the lips, while they are slightly stretched forward, pronounce the sound "O".
  2. Even more lips extend forward while oral solution will be minimal. We pronounce the "У" sound.
  3. Smile, stretching his lips. We pronounce the sound "И".
  4. Smile wider to his lips tightened slightly from his teeth. We pronounce the sound "s". Make sure that when pronouncing the sound "И" visible front part of the tongue, but when pronouncing the sound "Ы" is not visible.

Avoid mistakes that allow studying Russian language.Тhe sound utterance "И" instead of the sound "Ы" after labial consonants.tongue weight in this case is to move forward, the middle part of the language, along with the front is raised to the hard palate. When setting or adjustment "Ы" is necessary to achieve the displacement of the entire mass of language back and lifting the middle and back of the tongue to the soft palate- used for this purpose are tangible points of articulation, the movement and position of the tongue back tip of the tongue (tongue tip articulation elevated- this prevents the formation of "И" -like sound). When you try to pronounce the sound "Ы" may be mixing it with the sound of "У" as a result of the pronunciation with labialization. Overcoming this difficulty is achieved by removing labialization and stretching the lips in the "smile". To fix the resulting articulation used exercises opposition of vowel "Ы" - "У" in conjunction with consonants, such as

Увы-кусты, пусты-густы, усы-бусы, люстры-тусклы.

To achieve the correct pronunciation of "Ы" sound, you can use helper sounds, sounds -Satellite: "K", "Г", "X". In this case, only those sounds can act as assistants, who are well placed. Example for exercise:

Кмы- кты- кпы- квы, кы-гы-хы, кыш-мышь, шик-широко-ошибка-скажи-ножи.

For the production of sound "ы" are also used onomatopoeic exercises. Noises "Тсс ..." or "Ччч…" have a finger to her mouth, imitating the sound of silence.

When setting sound "Ы" used exercise on the opposition. The sound of "Ы" and the sound "И" can be sung. "И" -above the tone, "Ы" - below the tone.Sings:. "Mи" - "Мы". It should be noted that in the classroom when the sound production of "Ы" is only used one of the techniques.

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