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Natural language enviroment - we travel

Let’s talk to you about language environment. What does it mean? They are places and situations that will help you to learn a language you need.

Why is it important? Because that is the union of theory and practice. It is useless to learn phrases, words, dialogues, if you don’t plan to use them in your life. There are two types of environment – natural language environment and artificially created one.

Natural environment. You just travel to the country of learning language and surround yourself with everything that is somehow related to the speech. Yesterday it was a problem to understand what people say to you, but today you can already find a necessary address, buy groceries at the supermarket, order food from café menu, choose clothes for yourself at the shop, and meet with local people etc. This is because you often hear the same words and sentences, and, most importantly, from native speakers for whom this language is native. Interesting, but we remember the words and sentences when we need in them, as though by chance, nothing doing for it.

What can help you?
  1. Meeting with local people. They will you traditions and customs of the place. Additionally, they can recommend you interesting places for a visit, which, as a rule, are hidden from the mass tourists. Therefore, you’ll be able to see everything through the local people eyes.
  2. Visiting of national holidays or other events. This is an opportunity to become a part of another culture on time. Usually, we remember all the good things. That’s why, emotions will be a big plus to understand a foreign speech for you and the ability to speak it.
  3. Local cuisine. Try the language ‘to taste’ and increase your desire to learn it in a short time.

It’s enough 1-2 months of regular lessons before a planned trip at home to feel yourself comfortable in motherland of learning language after arrival to there.

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