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Some Rules How to Learn Russian Quickly and Effectively


You have been studying Russian for several months already, but still you are not able to say a single word, and watching movies is so out of the question? Maybe, you are studying Russian the wrong way.

Let's talk about simple but effective rules, which will help you to talk in Russian only after few lessons!

Rule No. 1. Learn Russian with the help of dipping method. Listen to radio, watch films, search video lessons in Russian. Intermediary language prevents you from concentrating on the language you are learning, consequently, it slows down the process of learning Russian. If you want to speak Russian or understand this language, communicative approach will give you much more than any grammar textbook.

Rule No. 2. Try to learn by heart phrases, not separate words. You learn grammar together with the phrase. How to use this or that word in this context and this situation, how to build sentences, how to ask question – everything abovementioned doesn't come with grinding at rules, but by memorizing frases, being in use in Russian language the most.

Rule No. 3. The aspect of language you pay the most attention to while studying will be developed the most. For instance, if you only complete grammar tasks, decline words, conjugate verbs, you will be a master hand at this. However, you will never be able to speak, if you don't try to speak. Do you want to watch Russian films? Watch films! Do you want to talk with Russian trippingly? Try to talk, find a teacher or conversationalist and practice, and you will talk! It is impossible to play musical instrument if you only watch how the others play. You need practice!

Rule No. 4. Contribute at least ten minutes in Russian lessons, but do it every day. If you hear Russian speech and try to talk, the result will be not slow to arrive. Repeat the material you've learnt, try to talk with Russian. Frequency is very important in the process of learning language.

Rule No. 5. Find motivation. If you don't know what you need Russian language for, you'll to be through with your lessons very soon. Reading Dostoevsky in the original? Great reason to learn Russian! Travelling through entire Russia singly? Excellent, you need at least basic phrases to survive. Watching Russian comedy shows and understanding Russian mentality? Wonderful motivation. Or, maybe, you want to find your love in Russia? Or to impress your distant Russian-speaking relatives? Find your own personal motivation, and you will not give up on learning Russian language!

Listen, speak, read, and become a part of our big Russian-speaking family!

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