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Three foreign words often used in the Russian language

Hello, dear student! Today I'd like to tell you about the words, which you can often hear in Russian colloquial speech, but you should understand that they are not Russian at all! They are borrowed from other languages and become used in colloquial speech.

1. "Кола" [Kola] Coke/Coca-Cola - name of soda, that has dark color and is referred to "unhealthy food and drinks", i.e. to those which can cause harm to our organism. However, now this drink is rather popular, especially among young people, teenagers and sometimes children, whose parents don't know what their children consume. Coke is sold as in bottles, as in glasses - plastic and glass.

Можно мне две баночки колы? [Mozhna mne dve banachki koly?] - I would like two cans of Coke/Coca-Cola

2. "Фифти-фифти" [Fifti- fifti] Fifty-fifty - this phrase is borrowed from English and means the measure in half and half. It's often used in colloquial speech, most people don't say "пятьдесят процентов" (fifty percent) or "половина" (a half), it's easier for them to say "фифти-фифти".

- Какой шанс у этой команды на победу? [Kakoj shans u ekhtaj kamandy na pabedu?] - What about this team's chances to become a winner?

- Фифти-фифти [Fifti-fifti] Fifty-fifty

3. "ОК" [Akej] O'K - this phrase is also borrowed from English and actually, become international. It denotes agreement, although there are a lot of words in Russian, for example: хорошо [kharasho], ладно [ladna], договорились [dagavarilis'], but it's easier to use "ок", probably, because it's shorter.

- Сергей, привези мне документы в восемь вечера! [Sirgej, privizi mne dakumenty f fosem' vechera!] - Sergei, could you, please, bring me the documents at 8 p.m.?

-Окей [Akej] - O'K

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