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Declension of numerals. Cardinal numerals

Hello, dear student! In this article I would like to continue discussing the topic on numerals, but now we'll talk about cardinal numerals. To decline this type of numerals correctly, you need to memorize several rules:

Cardinal numerals denote any number of objects when we count them, for example:

Два стола [Dva stala] - Two tables
Сто долларов [Sto dolarav] - One hundred dollars

Such numerals always answer the questions "сколько?" [skol'ka] (how much/many?). And they are also declined in cases like nouns: сколько? рублей (how many rubles?)
Gen. скольких? рублей
Dat. скольким? рублям
Acc. сколько? рублей
Inst. сколькими? рублями
Prep. о скольких? рублях

Remember, please, that cardinal numerals do not have gender and number in Russian:
Три человека [Tri chilaveka] Three people
Три карандаша [Tri karandasha] Three pencils
Три девушки [Tri devushki] Three girls

But there are also some exceptions: the numeral "один" [adin] (one) is not declined in gender and numbers like adjectives in the Russian language:
Одна женщина [Adna zhensshina] - One woman
Один стакан [Adin stakan] - One glass
Одно яблоко [Adno yablaka] - One apple

The numerals "два" [dva] (two) and "полтора" (1,5) [paltara] (one and a half) have two forms of gender: masculine and neuter.
Два окна [Dva akna] Two windows
Полтора стакана [Paltara stakana] One and a half glass of..

And in feminine gender: "две" [dve] and "полторы" [paltary]
Две картины [Dve kartiny] Two pictures
Полторы бутылки [Paltary butylki] One and a half bottle of..

Remember that declension of numerals: один (1), два (2), три (3), четыре (4) remind the declension of adjectives in the Russian language. If you have any doubts in the correctness of your result, I advise you start learning with declension of adjectives before you learn numerals. In compound cardinal numerals (those which are formed from several words) all words and parts of compound numerals are declined:

Семьсот сорок восемь (nominative case) - о семистах сорока восьми (prepositional case) - [simsot sorak vosim' - a simistakh saraka rublyakh].

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