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Passing the test “Letters”

The purpose of this test section is to train Russian speech perception and words memorizing. The main task during the test is to write a word correctly. You need to type the spoken word correctly using letters on the virtual keyboard. Select letters on the keyboard by using your mouse. To memorize a word better you are give a picture with a word meaning. Audio can be played repeatedly by pressing the icon. Time for memorizing a word is unlimited. Transition to the next word ocuurs only after proper filling of all missing letters in the word. The total amount of words in the test and the number of current words are over a picture.

If the correct answer is given the letter will be marked in green. If you give an incorrect answer, the selected keyboard letter is marked in red. You can see failed attempts when pressing on the letter in the word. The table shows the results of the right and wrong letter marked for the first time.

The button Начать заново clears words counter and chosen letters in the current test.

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