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Connect the beginning and the end of each phrase. Think of both: grammar and common sense.
Существительные Глаголы
В субботу приедет
Кошка с нами
Папа и мама
жду выходные
не поедет
поедут с нами
пойдём в зоопарк
ждёт нас дома

Passing the test “Person”

The purpose of the tests in this section is to train the use of persons in the Russian language. The main task during the test is to select from the left and right list beginning and ending of the sentence, accordingly. When the answer is correct the phrase is marked in green and an audio recording is played. Audio will be played by pressing the icon repeatedly.

If an answer is incorrect the phrase is marked in red, and after a while its parts occupy their original position.

Choose answers by using your mouse. Time to choose an answer is unlimited.

The button Начать заново clears the list of answers and changes the places of answers in the current test.

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