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Translation: to take, to lead, to conduct, to drive
Transliteration: [vist'i]

Examples of use

вести беспорядочную жизнь [vistì bispar'àdachnuyu zhizn'] - to play the field
вести машину [vist'i mashinu] - to drive a car
вести переговоры [vesti peregavory] - carry on negotiations
вести себя [vist'i sib'a] - to behave
вести сына из парка домой [vist'i syna iz parka damoi] - to take son home from the park
Здесь нельзя фотографировать и вести видеосъемку. [zd`es` n`el`zya fatagrafiravat` i v`est`i vid`eos`emku.] - It is not allowed to take pictures and videotape here.

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