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Russian Training

Russian Training

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Russian Training

From Moscow to The Baikal Lake

                   From 08.09.2014 to 21.09.2014 you will be travelling through Russia with 6 young Russians. You’ll have four language lessons each day and practice Russian in real life with help of qualified teachers. Moscow - Kazan - Perm - Yekaterinburg - Novosibirsk - Baikal - Ulan-Ude: russian traditions and cuisine, garmoshka folksongs and folkdances, hohloma and matreshka. You will come to understand our country, culture and people, speak in Russian, and make many friends. It will be the most incredible and unforgettable travel experience of your life. Join us.

Why should I learn Russian with you?

You’ll make the maximum amount of progress possible in 14 days!

                   Traditional foreign language courses can merely attempt to create a natural setting for communication, even if you are learning in-country. Traditional courses are important and necessary in order to understand the system of a language and how it functions, to understand the logic of a language – all of which is impossible without the knowledge gained in a classroom setting. However, outside of class you speak your own native language, as there is no need for a foreign language and there is no teacher nearby.

                   We will take that excuse away from you! For two weeks you will be completely immersed in your new language. You will learn vocabulary and grammar and immediately put it to use. You will be traveling with Russians, and while speaking with them you will learn to USE Russian. The whole time you will be working with highly qualified professional teachers of Russian as a foreign language. In this way you will develop your communicative abilities in Russian. In this manner in a short period of time you can learn twice the material than you could in a traditional classroom setting and increase your ability to communicate in Russian.

We want the Russian you learn to be the most useful for you as possible!

                   Before beginning our travels we will get to know you. We’ll learn your motivations for studying Russian, determine you level, and from that configure our lessons and material. You will receive exactly what you need, what is important and necessary for you. We will strive to make our lessons fit your needs as closely as possible.

We want you to get the maximum enjoyment out of study Russian and using it!

                   Language and culture are inseparable. It is impossible to know and speak a language well without understanding its country and people. Traveling around Russian will allow us to not just simply enjoy a good vacation and to see interesting sights, but will help with learning the Russian language.

                   Our team is young and full of energy! Our teachers love their work! We are open and excited to share with you all that we know. We are certain, that we can turn the process of language learning into an incredible journey around Russia, and we hope that we can share with you our love for our native country and language!

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Танхо нафароне, ки сабт шудаанд, метавонад аз ин фукнсия истифода кунанд.