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Hello / Hola.

My name is Andrei.
I'd like to propose three ways of our work on Russian:
1. The FUNDAMENTAL COURSE - long, detailed and systematic way with all types of language activity. It is appropriate for people who want to start learning Russian from scratch and have enough time for doing it with dedication. For each lesson I'll give you a PDF with exercises and some instructions. There will be a lot of grammar and a lot of speaking activity. I suppose it is actually the only right way of studying if you want to KNOW the language indeed.
2. A QUICK "SURVIVAL" COURSE for tourists. It's appropriate if you are heading to Russia next week and suddenly remembered that you had to learn a few phrases to survive there :)
It includes phonetics and 10 LESSONS that are already planned and designed.
3. PERSONALIZED LESSONS - tailored to your needs and requests:
- you tell me what you want to learn or practice;
- I prepare some materials;
- we dedicate the next lesson to fixing the problem.

For beginners, the language of instruction can be either ENGLISH or SPANISH.

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