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Personalized education depending on a student's level and goals, specify on each aspects: writing, speaking, listening, reading.

Hi there! My name is Alina and I am going to teach you how to read, listen, write and of course speak in Russian. Be ready! Russian language is not easy to learn, you have to memorize a lot! Sometimes is very hard to understand 'why do you use that' or even 'why I must learn it, if Russians don't use it'. But be patient! Step by step you will open a new country and new way of thinking. You will realize that culture aspect is more than vodka, bear and matryoshka.
I took my master's degree at 2018 and worked with primarily Asian (Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese). My students are not only adults but also children, from 7 to 63 years old!
The content of a lesson is negotiable and meet the requirements of the student.

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