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The on-line Russian language school “Pa-russki!” ( provides conversational Russian language classes where 60% of all activities are assigned for communicative practice. During the on-line tutored conversations, our highly-qualified teachers encourage students to be involved in speaking Russian on appropriate level. Such interaction intensively improves student’s confidence in speaking skills and comprehension of Russian language.

Teachers tend not to interrupt students in order to correct mistakes during conversation. Instead, they note all grammar and vocabulary corrections for further processing. This allows student to focus on the right things at the right time. 

We have developed the on-line Russian courses for students of different levels of studying Russian language. You may learn Russian either in accordance with the program of the level you aim to achieve or you may choose just conversational practice to refine and maintain your current skills of Russian. Our online classes are well structured and provide up-to-date and interesting materials.

Each student is guaranteed an individual approach to meet his or her aim, progress and schedule. Courses are worked out to fit any individual’s need in acquiring Russian language.

Our experienced teachers will inspire you with their enthusiasm and make learning process interesting and fun. 

In addition, we offer a lot of free materials to practice your Russian skills on our web site. Enjoy 500 pages in Russian to read, listen and watch. Train your Russian skills with plenty of grammar and vocabulary tests. 

Learning Russian is interesting with us! Try it right away!

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