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Hello everyone!

My name is Regina. I'm 22 years old. I'm a future teacher of Russian as a foreign language and I'm looking for you, my future students :)

I have a higher philological education - I'm a bachelor of Philology. Nowadays I study Teaching of Russian as a Foreign language in the magistracy at Pushkin State Institute.

I'm a native Russian speaker. My level of English proficiency is upper intermediate.

What about my experience, I worked both with children and with adults. I'm tutor of Russian and English and help pupils with these subjects. Besides this, I taught Russian for foreigners at Summer Courses, which take place every summer at Pushkin State Institute. So, I know how to create interesting and useful lesson :)

I'm very friendly and communicative person, so I try to find special way of working with every student considering his native language and nationality. I believe that learning any language can't be boring, because you learn not only the language but also the culture. I'm open to new experience and ready to tell you more about our culture and our language using classical and unusual methods of teaching.

I suggest you lessons via Skype and offline lessons.

So, if you're interested in learning Russian, let's get started :)

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