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Famous Russian born today:
18 марта [màrta] March 1844 

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov 
(Николай Римский-Корсаков) 
was a Russian composer, and a member of the group of composers known as The Five. He was a master of orchestration. His best-known orchestral compositions - Capriccio Espagnol, Flight of the Bumblebee, the Russian Easter Festival Overture, and the symphonic suite Scheherazade—are staples of the classical music repertoire, along with suites and excerpts from some of his 15 operas.

Scheherazade is an example of his frequent use of fairy tale and folk subjects. Rimsky-Korsakov believed in developing a nationalistic style of classical music. This style employed Russian folk song and lore along with exotic harmonic, melodic and rhythmic elements in a practice known as musical orientalism, and avoided traditional Western compositional methods. 
Слишком холодно, чтобы быть красивой [slishkam kholadna, chtoby byt' krasivaj] - Too cold to be beautiful
Тэги: Эмоции
Уровень счастья в течение дня [uravin' schast'ya v tichenii dn'ya] - Level of happiness during a day
Счастье [schast'e] - happiness
Время [vrem'a] - time

Завтрак [zaftrak] - breakfast
Обед [ab'et] - dinner
Чаёк с печеньками [chayok s pichen'kami] - tea with cookies
Ужин [uzhin] - dinner
Сладенькое [sladin'koe] - sweet
Тэги: Еда

Автор изображения: Андрей Паршин

Задумался [zadumals'a] - It is thinking

Остров Греэм-Белл, Земля Франца-Иосифа, Россия
The Graham-Bell Island, Franz Josef Land, Russia
Когда снег растает, во что он превратится? [kagda snek rastait, va chto on privratitsa?] - What will the snow turn into when it melts

Разумеется, в воду [razumeitsa v vodu] - Of course, into the water

А вот и нет. Он превратится в весну [A vot i net. On privratitsa v visnu] - No. It will turn into spring
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