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Триумфальная арка

Триумфальная арка

Autor da imagem: Sheremetev

Санкт-Петербург, Триумфальная арка Генштаба.
Saint Petersburg, The General Staff Building triumphal arch.

The General Staff Building is an edifice with a 580 m long bow-shaped facade, situated on Palace Square in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in front of the Winter Palace.

The building was designed by Carlo Rossi in the Empire style and built in 1819-1829. It commemorates the Russian victory over Napoleonic France in the Patriotic War of 1812.

Until the capital was transferred to Moscow in 1918, the building served as the headquarters of the General Staff, Foreign Ministry and Finance Ministry. Now it hosts the headquarters of the Western Military District and the Hermitage Museum.
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Республика Адыгея

Autor da imagem: Юрий Шевченко

Республика Адыгея. Цветущие рододендроны в природном парке «Большой Тхач». Россия

The Republic Of Adygea. Blooming rhododendrons in the natural Park "Bolshoi Thach". Russia
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Кавказский хребет

Autor da imagem: Vladislav Ionis

Кавказский хребет на закате, Россия

The Caucasian ridge at sunset, Russia
В России, в Липецкой области, есть памятник персонажу русских народных сказок - Змею Горынычу.

In Russia, in the Lipetsk region, There is a monument to the character of Russian folk tales - Snake Gorynych.
Россия, Калининград, Набережная Рыбной деревни
Russia, Kaliningrad, the Quay of the Fish Village
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