Бабушкины сказки [babushkiny skazki] - old wives' tales

nonsense, tale, balderdash, drool, fantasies, fish story, fairytale.

Бальзам на душу [bal`zam na dushu] - to be a sight for sore eyes

something pleasant, anodyne, long-awaited, joy or pacification from allaied anxiety, agitation.

Бедный как церковная крыса [bednyj kak tserkovnaya krysa] - poor as a church mouse

a beggar, needy, an almsman, a vagabond.

Без всякого преувеличения [bez vsyakogo preuvelicheniya] - to say the least

as it is, in its true colours, objectively.

Без обиняков [bez obinyakov] - in plain English

without ceremony, straitforward, as it is, properly speaking.

Бить баклуши [bit` baklushi] - to idle around

to do nothing, to lounge, to idle away one's time, to pass the time in indolence.

Бить в цель [bit` v tsel`] - to hit home

to hit the nail on the head, to achieve an excellent result, to succeed.

Бить мимо цели [bit` mimo tseli] - to miss the mark

to fluff, to mull, to miss, off the mark, on the bow hand.

Бить ниже пояса [bit` nizhe poyasa] - to strike at defects

to use sucker punches for reaching one’s goal.

Биться головой о стену [bit`sya golovoj o stenu] - to beat one's head against a brick wall

to persevere something by any and all methods, overcoming real challenges and obstacles.

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