Падать духом [padat` dukhom] - to lose courage

to lose optimism, will, to be upset, to lose enthusiasm.

Падать на бесплодную почву [padat` na besplodnuyu pochvu] - to fall on stony ground

to get into unfavorable conditions.

Падать с неба [padat` s neba] - to come back to earth

to appear suddenly, to appear from nowhere.

Палец о палец не ударить [palets o palets ne udarit`] - not to do a hand's turn

to do nothing for reaching a goal, to undertake nothing.

Пальцем не пошевелить [pal`tsem ne poshevelit`] - not to lift a hand

to do nothing, to underrtake nothing, not to take any actions.

Пан или пропал [pan ili propal] - to make a spoon or spoil a horn

all or nothing, happen what may.

Пара пустяков [para pustyakov] - easy as ABC

easily, simply, without problems.

Парень не промах [paren` ne promakh] - a fast worker

a thrifty person, the one who always knows where one’s interests lie, very smart, skilful, far-sighted.

Перебегать дорогу [perebegat` dorogu] - to steal a march on somebody

to overset someone’s plans, to embrace something, to handicap somebody, to create difficulties or obstacles to somebody.

Перебиваться с хлеба на квас [perebivat`sya s khleba na kvas] - to live from hand to mouth

to be on short commons, to hardly exist, to live out-of-pocket, to scratch along.

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