Работать до седьмого пота [rabotat` do sed`mogo pota] - to give somebody a wet shirt

to work hard, to work much, to slave, to work to the point of exhaustion, to the extreme tiredness, without let-up.

Работать как ломовая лошадь [rabotat` kak lomovaya loshad`] - to work like a beave

to work hard, to work much, to slave, to work to the point of exhaustion.

Ради Бога! [radi boga!] - for Christ's sake

I beg, please, I cry for. An outdated interjection.

Разбивать сердце [razbivat` serdtse] - to broke one's heart

to deny someone’s love, not to love someone back, to desolate, to cheat on somebody.

Разбить лед [razbit` led] - to get things moving

to make relations warmer, to make away with tension in relationship, to make relationship more benevolent.

Разбить наголову [razbit` nagolovu] - to cut to bits

to smash totally, completely, to defeat somebody with great advantage.

Размять ноги [razmyat` nogi] - to stretch one's legs

to move, to walk, to do some exercises, to limber up, to train, to take a stroll.

Разносить в пух и прах [raznosit` v pukh i prakh] - to blow sky-high

to destroy, to ruin totally.

Рай земной [raj zemnoj] - heaven on earth

a pleasant place, a beautiful area, carefree and happy life.

Ранняя пташка [rannyaya ptashka] - an early bird

a person, who wakes up early and sets to work actively.

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