Лебединая песня [lebedinaya pesnya] - swan song

a work of art, a masterpiece, something tremendous.

Легкий как перышко [legkij kak peryshko] - as light as a feather

very light, like a bit of fluff, lighter than a fluff.

Легок на помине [legok na pomine] - to speak of angels and they flap their wings

just remember a person, and he/she appears. The one, who comes, when he is spoken or thought about.

Легче легкого [legche legkogo] - easy as ABC

easier than easy, very easy, it’s child’s play, without problems, without difficulities.

Лезть в бутылку [lezt` v butylku] - to blow a fuse

to curse, to be angry, to be indignant without sufficient grounds.

Лезть в петлю [lezt` v petlyu] - to put one's neck in a noose

to perform dangerous actions, to risk.

Лезть на рожон [lezt` na rozhon] - to kick against the pricks

to run into something, to provoke bad events, to take a risky action, doomed to a failure.

Лезть на стенку [lezt` na stenku] - to go into a frenzy

to irritate much because of something, to fly into a rage, fury. Somtimes an expression is used when a person bears strong physical pain: to go into a frenzy because of pain.

Лечь костьми [lech` kost`mi] - to go to the stake

to be ready to die for the sake of just cause.

Лить воду на мельницу [lit` vodu na mel`nitsu] - to play into somebody's hands

to help an opponent with one’s actions without realizing it.

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