У черта на куличиках [u cherta na kulichikakh] - off the beaten track

very far, no one knows where, right off the map. An expression is used when someone lives or something is too far away.

Убивать время [ubivat` vremya] - to kill time

to waste time, to occupy yourself with some minor chores while waiting for something more important.

Убивать двух зайцев [ubivat` dvukh zajtsev] - to kill two birds with one stone

simultaneously to achieve two different purposes, to carry out two things.

Ударять в голову [udaryat` v golovu] - to knock somebody for a goal

to intoxicate, to lead someone to affective state, to result in an unusual state of mind

Уехать в Тулу со своим самоваром [uekhat` v tulu so svoim samovarom] - don't bring coals to Newcastle

to do something senseless, unnecessary, to perform something pointless.

Указывать на дверь [ukazyvat` na dver`] - to show the door

turn someone out, to drive someone out, to refuse to listen to someone.

Улыбаться во весь рот [ulybat`sya vo ves` rot] - to grin like a Cheshire cat

to be very happy, to glow with happiness.

Умывать руки [umyvat` ruki] - to wash one's hands of something

to decline all responsibility under the influence of external factors; to stop doing correct from your point of view action, submitting to the majority or the management, but remaining discordant with it.

Уничтожать в зародыше [unichtozhat` v zarodyshe] - to nip in the bud

to solve the problem at an early stage, without letting it get worse.

Упрямый как осёл [upryamyj kak osyol] - to be as stubborn as a mule

too stubborn, self-willed. It is said about a person who does not listen to other people's pieces of advice and does everything in his own way

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