И глазом не успеть моргнуть [i glazom ne uspet` morgnut`] - before one could bat an eye

very fast. An expression is used when something happens so fast that you don’t have time to react.

И дело с концом [i delo s kontsom] - there's an end of it

ready, done, finished off.

И туда и сюда [i tuda i syuda] - hither and thither

both ways, different ways, there and back.

Играть в кошки-мышки [igrat` v koshki-myshki] - to play cat-and-mouse

to try to deceive somebody, to be sly, to cheat on somebody, to dupe somebody.

Играть вторую скрипку [igrat` vtoruyu skripku] - to play second fiddle

to be subordinate, to hold a low position, to be in a supporting role, to be not a very important person.

Играть на руку [igrat` na ruku] - to play somebody's game

to help one’s enemy unconsciously, to assist somebody.

Играть с огнем [igrat` s ognem] - to ride a tiger

to joke with serious dangerous thing, to expose oneself to danger or risk.

Иди к черту! [idi k chertu!] - go to hell!

clear out! Get out!

Идти в ногу со временем [idti v nogu so vremenem] - to keep abreast of the times

to be up-to-date, to keep up with fashion, to uphold the most up-to-date views.

Идти в ногу [idti v nogu] - to keep pace with somebody

to act in concord, to be as an equal with somebody, not to come short of anything.

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