За деревьями леса не видеть [za derev`yami lesa ne videt`] - not to see the wood for the trees

not to notice the most important because of the great number of details, not to see the main, paying attention to trifles.

За здорово живёшь [za zdorovo zhivyosh`] - without rhyme or reason

An expression is used when somebody gives away something valuable or expensive for nothing, free of charge.

За плечами [za plechami] - under one's belt

in the past (it is told about life experience).

За решеткой [za reshetkoj] - behind bars

to be in prison, in custody, to be locked up.

За спиной [za spinoj] - behind somebody's back

behind oneself, beyond oneself.

Забот полон рот [zabot polon rot] - to have one's hands full

to be very busy, to have a lot f problems, to have absolutely no free time.

Заводить волынку [zavodit` volynku] - to harp on one string

to play for time, to drag it out, to linger, to hold forth.

Заговаривать зубы [zagovarivat` zuby] - to lead a sweet-talk

to confuse, to draw away from an important topic of conversation purposely, to distract a conversation.

Загонять в угол [zagonyat` v ugol] - to set at bay

to nonplus somebody, to put somebody in hopeless situation, to make unbearable conditions for somebody’s further actions.

Задавать головомойку [zadavat` golovomojku] - to call somebody over the coals

to rail, to scold, to shame.

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