Ждать, откуда ветер подует [zhdat`, otkuda veter poduet] - to see which way the cat jumps

to watch how the events will develop.

Жечь корабли [zhech` korabli] - to burn one's boats

to make impossible a return to the past, a return to something, to break off with the past, past relationships.

Жив-здоров [zhiv-zdorov] - alive and kicking

safe and sound, in a good form, in good health.

Живого места не оставить [zhivogo mesta ne ostavit`] - to beat hell out of somebody

to beat heavily, to drub, to beat black an blue.

Жить как кошка с собакой [zhit` kak koshka s sobakoj] - to fight like cat and dog

to swear all the time, to be at odds permanently, always to conflict with each other.

Жить не по средствам [zhit` ne po sredstvam] - to live above one's means

to spend more money than one earns, to live comfortably and to be well off, having no apparent means for that.

Жребий брошен [zhrebij broshen] - the die is cast

a choice is done, everything has been decided, there’s no going back. These words were pronounced by the future emperor of the Roman Empire Julius Caesar.

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