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Anna Skhanova

Anna Skhanova

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Anna Skhanova

Hi everyone! 
I'm Anna. I'm 21 and at the moment I'm doing my master degree at Saint-Petersburg State University. I've got already the academic degree of Bachalor of Linguistics at the same university. I've completed the programme of Russian as a Foreign Language and now I continuo studyings at this field. 
Why I choose this speciality? I choose it beacuase it's a really great possability to present Russian culture and Russian language to foreigners. Also I think it could be a chance for me to learn something new about other people, other cultures and languages. so we all are teachers ;) Moreover, I'm not the fan of classic teaching methods, I prefer speaking with my students and discussing some problems or interesting events and of course I adore reading some great textes during the class.
If you share my views for the learning process you're welcome to contact me. 
Let's learn more together!

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