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I offer the original Russian course for students of all levels based on communicative approach.
Each lesson is structured and carefully prepared before the session.

I'm a bilingual experienced professional Russian teacher. I have a B.A. in Linguistics, two Master's Degrees (in Pedagogy and Educational Sciences of Sapienza University of Rome and Educational Psychology of Moscow City Psychological-Pedagogical University) and a Certificate in Teaching via Skype.
The main advantage of my teaching method is that I carefully prepare for each session. My professional lessons are always structured. They help to develop different language skills. I provide interesting authentic materials and exciting games for my students depending on their levels and goals. I've made a research on the influence of role-playing games on the language learning process, so I often use them at my lessons.
At my lessons I'm trying to be both didactic and entertaining. Schedule a session with me and you will never regret it! See you soon!

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