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I have a bachelor's degree in foreign languages from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and a master's degree in foreign languages and international communications from the University of Turin in Italy.

I've been teaching Russian and Italian on Skype for more than two years now and before that I'd had different experiences in teaching Russian language to the Italian students at my university and Italian language to Russians.

I'm also a professional translator and interpreter from Italian into Russian and back.

My students are from all over the world: Italy, Russia, USA, Brazil, Cina, Belgium, Germany etc. I've had teaching experience with students of different ages, levels and backgrounds.

I offer individual tailor-made lessons that give my students an opportunity to work on areas of particular interest or concern. Each lesson is prepared according to the student's specific needs.

During my lessons I use different tools such as videos, songs, newspaper articles, films. I always recommend to my students to work on all language skills: reading, writing, listening and conversation. With emphasis on speaking. That's why I'm going to encourage you to speak the language you're learning from the very beginning.

I provide my students with all the material they'll need during the lessons.

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