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Olga Sokor

Olga Sokor

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Olga Sokor

Hello everyone who is crazy about one of the most beautiful languages in the world!

My name is Olga, and I am a Russian language teacher. I have been working as a teacher more than 2 years. During this period I have had students of absolutely different knowledge levels. So you may start learning Russian with me even if you even can not read Russian letters yet. My lessons can also be useful for those who can speak and understand Russian very well. Now I already have a few students, I work with them from my home since I am currently taking care of my little baby. I would be glad to find people who are really interested in my difficult but so vivid and rich language, and I would be happy if I could help you on your way to learn it!

While teaching I use a great variety of materials but never old boring books. My students learn grammatical rules from short and easy grammar tables, practice reading and translating with the help of funny and interesting dialogues and stories, do exercises and correct them together with me. I pay much attention to speaking skills practice and I prefer not to use some extremely hard and not useful words and expressions while doing it. I realize how difficult Russian can be for foreigners so I do my best to make a Russian lesson as easy as possible and to just have fun. Join me!

P. S. the first lesson is always free!

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