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Serbia Floods 2014

Two Ilyushin Il-76 aircrafts of the Russian Emergency Situations' Ministry have delivered humanitarian aid to Serbia.

Together they delivered about 70 tons of humanitarian cargo: one power station, 15 water pumps, 40 boats, 5,700 blankets, two mobile power plants and also meat and fish cans, sugar, baby food and other necessities.

The crews of Russian Kamov Ka-32 helicopters having ample experience of rescue operations on the water fly reconnaissance missions, evacuate flood victims and deliver cargos to inaccessible areas. Besides, helicopters delivered firefighting equipment to the Russian-Serbian center in Nis.

Russian rescuers have been operating in Serbia since last Friday. They have evacuated over 2,000 people from calamity areas, Interfax reports.

Вы можете мне помочь?
[vy mòzhite mne pamòch']
Can you help me?

Вызовите пожарных
[v`yzaviti pazhàrnykh]
Call the fire service.

Вызовите полицию
[v`yzaviti pàlitsiyu]
Call the police.

Вызовите скорую
[v`yzavite skòruyu]
Call an ambulance.

Покиньте здание
[pakin'te sdànije]
Leave the building.

Произошла авария
[praizashlà avàriya]
There was an accident.

Слишком холодно, чтобы быть красивой [slishkam kholadna, chtoby byt' krasivaj] - Too cold to be beautiful
Тэги: Эмоции
Уровень счастья в течение дня [uravin' schast'ya v tichenii dn'ya] - Level of happiness during a day
Счастье [schast'e] - happiness
Время [vrem'a] - time

Завтрак [zaftrak] - breakfast
Обед [ab'et] - dinner
Чаёк с печеньками [chayok s pichen'kami] - tea with cookies
Ужин [uzhin] - dinner
Сладенькое [sladin'koe] - sweet
Тэги: Еда

Автор изображения: Андрей Паршин

Задумался [zadumals'a] - It is thinking

Остров Греэм-Белл, Земля Франца-Иосифа, Россия
The Graham-Bell Island, Franz Josef Land, Russia
Когда снег растает, во что он превратится? [kagda snek rastait, va chto on privratitsa?] - What will the snow turn into when it melts

Разумеется, в воду [razumeitsa v vodu] - Of course, into the water

А вот и нет. Он превратится в весну [A vot i net. On privratitsa v visnu] - No. It will turn into spring
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