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Serbia Floods 2014

Two Ilyushin Il-76 aircrafts of the Russian Emergency Situations' Ministry have delivered humanitarian aid to Serbia.

Together they delivered about 70 tons of humanitarian cargo: one power station, 15 water pumps, 40 boats, 5,700 blankets, two mobile power plants and also meat and fish cans, sugar, baby food and other necessities.

The crews of Russian Kamov Ka-32 helicopters having ample experience of rescue operations on the water fly reconnaissance missions, evacuate flood victims and deliver cargos to inaccessible areas. Besides, helicopters delivered firefighting equipment to the Russian-Serbian center in Nis.

Russian rescuers have been operating in Serbia since last Friday. They have evacuated over 2,000 people from calamity areas, Interfax reports.

24 января 1926 года родилась Маркина Ольга Александровна. Это советская и российская киноактриса, исполнительница эпизодических киноролей. Самые известные фильмы с участием Ольги Маркиной: "Инопланетянка", "Риск — благородное дело", "Сельский врач", "Тихий Дон", "Верные друзья", "Первое свидание", "Грешница" и многие другие.

On January 24, 1926 Markina Olga Aleksandrovna was born. This is a Soviet and Russian film actress, a performer of bit movie parts. The most famous movies with Olga Markina's participation are: "Alien", "Risk — a noble business", "The rural doctor", "Quiet Don", "Loyal friends", "The first appointment", "Sinner" and many others.

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24 января 1967 года родилась Ипатова Татьяна Юрьевна. Это певица и актриса, автор музыки и текстов, лидер группы "Shanty Voice". Фильмы с участием Татьяны Ипатовой: "А в России опять окаянные дни" (главная роль), "Твербуль", "Путана", "Сделай мне больно", "Удаленный доступ", "Лучшее время года".

On January 24, 1967 Ipatova Tatyana Yurevna was born. This is a singer and an actress, an author of music and texts, a leader of the Shanty Voice group. Movies with Tatyana Ipatova's participation are: "And in Russia again damned days" (leading role), Tverbul, "Prostitute", "Hurt me", "Remote access", "The best season".

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Счастлив тот, кто счастлив дома [schaslif tot kto schaslif doma] - happy is he who is happy at home
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Однажды рискнув - можно остаться счастливым на всю жизнь [adnazhdy risknuf - mozhna astatsya schaslivym na fs'u zhizn'] - Once Risked - you can stay happy for a lifetime
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