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Оксана Новикова

Оксана Новикова

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  • Skype: venera2524
  • Адрес (www): 30, Wibbersley Park, Urmston, Manchester

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Оксана Новикова

Hello to everyone:) I am a native speaker of Russian, currently living in Manchester, University educated with years of teaching experience of Russian and English  as a foreign language. I offer high quality Russian language courses via Skype for foreign students of all levels. 
I will help you to choose an appropriate individual educational program, and the quantity of hours per week. Whether you are a beginner, or at an intermediate or advanced level, I can offer Russian language courses suitable to you. 
I use the communicative method. The main focus is on using the language. You start speaking Russian from the very first lesson, even if you're a beginner.
Russian grammar will be introduced to you in a clear structured format - you will see that there is an understandable logic. You will not be overloaded with grammar tasks and will learn only as much grammar as you need in order to speak and understand Russian.
If you'd like to use a book during the course, together we can choose a book that will best address your needs.At the same time, most lessons are held without the use of a book. The book would mainly be used for reference, providing structure, and homework material. 
I like the idea of total immersion because we all really learn by doing, and the more you practice Russian, the more you will learn.
Check out my website and my Russian language groups in facebook and in  vkontakte

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