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My name is Olena. I am from Kyiv, Ukraine and I am a professional teacher of Ukrainian and Russian (I have a certificate of Moscow State University in teaching Russian as a foreign language) which are both my native languages. I can help you if you need to communicate in Ukrainian, Russian or both (do not mix them, any Ukrassian or Rukrainan, please). Ukrainian and Russian are not an easy piece of work, but we can undertake it together with fun! 

I have experience in teaching students who do not know any Ukrainian / Russian and also fluent speakers of Russian / Ukrainian who want to know all the tricks of these languages. In addition, I am a professional lawyer with ten years experience of communication in a business environment. So if you need some legal or business vocabulary, it is not hard to learn it with me. 

In my lesson I use the communicative method which is the most useful for students who want to use the language, not to put it in the table or wardrobe. This method is the most popular because it really works and I confirm it as I learnt English using the same method. I learnt the methodology of the communicative method in the most famous Russian university - Lomonosov Moscow State University. 

You already know that I am living in Kyiv so we can meet for our lessons in Kyiv or on Skype if you are living in any other place. If you have any other questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me! See you in class!

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