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ALMA School

ALMA School

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  • Skype: alma_school
  • Адрес (www): Kyiv, 15-v Lypska St., suite 16

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ALMA School

Dear friend!

Welcome to ALMA school!

If you need to master English, Ukrainian or Russian as foreign languages with friendly support of highly professional teachers, you have come to the right place!

ALMA School is a small language school located at the heart of Ukrainian capital, in a cosy neighbourhood. Here you will find:

•         a young and friendly team of teachers;

•         fun and comfortable classrooms;

•         new acquaintances and communication without borders;

and a cup of aromatic tea which helps relax and experience everything mentioned above. :)

Our aim is to help you communicate freely with those who surround you. So that you can feel at home in any part of the world.

Anywhere you are and in any given moment, be local and feel at home with ALMA School!

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