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IQ Consultancy

IQ Consultancy

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IQ Consultancy

IQ Consultancy offers effective Russian Language courses for foreigners willing to develop their language skills and gain confidence in the Russian language while living in or exploring St. Petersburg, one of the world's most exciting and fascinating cities.

For 11 years IQ Consultancy has been providing top-quality Russian language courses for foreign business executives, consulate officials, foreign students and travelers.

IQ Consultancy offers a diverse range of Russian language courses in terms of intensity, format, content, etc, to meet the needs of different clients:

Intensive immersion programs (15-40 hours of learning Russian);
Russian classes with standard intensity of 2-3 times a week;
Mini-group courses and one-to-one Russian lessons;
Russian lessons at IQ Consultancy place or at your place;
In-company Russian language lessons;
Lessons of General Russian, Business Russian and Russian language for specific purposes;
Russian lessons all year round and summer Russian courses
Russian speaking club
Our clients are sure to benefit from IQ Consultancy invaluable experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language, gained over 11 years of operation.
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