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Anglo-Russian Learning Centre Edinburgh Scotland.

Hi there,

If you are interested in starting learning Russian or in brushing up your Russian skills, if you are looking for a tutor with a friendly and encouraging approach and lessons held in a relaxed atmosphere, I guarantee I am the person who will make you life easier and more interesting if you learn Russian with me.

I am Alfiya, a fully qualified native Russian tutor with MA degree in linguistics, former University lecturer with more than 20 years experience in teaching Russian. I offer flexible face-to-face individual, group and online Russian lessons via Skype tailored to your needs as well as short and long-term courses from basic to advanced levels. 

I am really proud of the fact that among my students are people of different ages, knowledge of Russian and purposes of learning it and who are professionals in different fields (languages, science, teaching, business, sales and marketing, medical research, social work, etc.).

…"I am absolutely delighted with the lessons which are tailored to meet my requirements. Appropriate homework and study materials were provided weekly. … A welcoming environment for the lessons with the structured approach".

…”I am very happy with the lessons…. A great teacher, and very patient, even when I am not". 

… “She knows exactly what I want and what I need to work on to improve my Russian".

…”I was struggling to learn Russian from books and friends for 4 years, but when I started lessons, my Russian ability has skyrocketed".

For more information and comments from my students find me on

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