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Maria Chernetskaya

Maria Chernetskaya

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Maria Chernetskaya

About me

Hello, and thank you for visiting my profile. I am Russian and live in Russia. I Interact with people easily and enjoy experiencing new cultures. My interests are world travel, relationship of language and culture, education, jazz, cats.

I am a native Russian speaker professional teacher with a Master's level Russian language. I teach general Russian, exam preparation (TORFL any level).

I love teaching; and look forward to working with you to help you reach your language learning goals!

Qualifications & Experience

I have a Master's degree in Russian philology and two years experience as a Private Tutor. I am a certified examiner for the TORFL.

My background is in Russian linguistics, Russian literature, forensic linguistics.

Teaching Approach

I love teaching Russian. Helping students discover my language and my culture is quite satisfying.

I believe that each student is different, so I always do my best to adapt my lessons to your needs and your learning style. However, I don’t think it’s possible to teach “only grammar” or “only conversation” Russian. I offer my students a lot of conversation practice, but also grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading exercises.

The Russian language is powerful tool. If you are ready to work I would like to show you the many wonderful ways to use that tool.

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