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Елизавета Юшина

Елизавета Юшина

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Елизавета Юшина

I have been teaching Russian language for 11 years, since graduating in Russian language and literature at Kaluga State University. I have 7 years experience teaching Russian to foreigners. I also worked as a Russian teacher for Russians for 7 years. Since 2011 I have been teaching Russian online and working at the Russian language centre of the world-famous Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov. I have accumulated the experience of creating interesting online lessons for Individual requirements, curriculums, and of successful training to test all levels, including tests of Business Russian and of Russian for engineers. As well as the experience of teaching in Intensive and gentle programs. I have tought in groups, in person and via Skype.

I have experience of teaching using English or without any intermediary language from the very beginning. I am a very patient and friendly teacher. I have been teaching for many years and I enjoy it very much. I use various teaching methods and approaches, depending on the student’s learning type, on their learning objectives and goals. The communicative approach has proved to be the most efficient teaching approach, leading to practical language awareness. All study materials are organized thematically. I engage my students to learn in an enjoyable, cordial manner and natural way, providing them with real life and time situations and examples. If you need to brush up your Russian or to learn it from the very beginning, I would be glad to help you!

Benefits of learning with me:
  1. Testing is free.
  2. Creation the individual curriculum for every pupil, coordinated with him/her.
  3. About 100 different electronic textbooks to choose from, which I offer on the grounds of nationality, level and needs of my pupils.
  4. Flexible lessons are available at any day, any time of the week. Please contact for detailed information!
  5. Just 13$ per 1 hour. And 12$ per 1 hour if you pay for 10 lessons.

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