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My Video Introduction

Have you already been studying Russian without having any progress in speaking? Or may be you are afraid even to start because of that weird alphabet?
I will make it super simple and comprehensive for you. Let’s break the ice!

I've been teaching languages since 2005.
Here, I offer both formal and informal lessons, it's your choice. Wether you're an absolute beginner, or you need to expand your vocabulary in a specific field, or you already know a lot but still can’t speak, I will be encouraging you lesson by lesson.

First of all, I'll give you a test to define your proficiency in Russian. Depending on your language level and your goals, we’ll make the program of studies suitable for you.
We’ll start speaking Russian from the very first lesson! Yes, I mean You will start speaking from the very first lesson, too!

You'll get there even faster if you make notes during lessons and dedicate about 20 minutes every day just to read them, without striving to memorize.
Withal, we are not only into speaking practice, but rather into feeling the culture through it.

Please, feel free to schedule a trial lesson with me. We'll talk about your language goals, and you'll discover more details about the learning process. And even if you decide to have lessons with another teacher, you will get:
- clear understanding of your language level,
- a professional advice on how to improve your present knowledge,
- a list of free internet resources that will help you study Russian.

Conversation Practice & Questions • Russian • $20 USD / H
Russian For the Very Beginners (A1) and Beginners (A2) • Russian • $25 USD / H
The Russian Tourist's Crash Course • Russian • $25 USD / H
Starter Pack for Dating a Russian • Russian • $25 USD / H
Russian For Those Who Don't Give Up after the Beginner Level (B1-B2) • Russian • $30 USD / H
Russian For Work and Business Purposes • Business Russian • $35 USD / H

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