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Conjunctions A [A] and НО [NO]

There are two conjunctions-opposition, comparison, A [A] and НО [NO]. In the sentence, they serve as connecting of two parts of it. There is a difference between them. Let’s have a look at them at examples:

Conjunction А [A]

This conjunction is used in opposition of different subjects, objects or persons. This is a milder form of opposition. In addition, it can have connective meaning:

Это дом, а это сад. [Éta dom, a éta sad.] – This is a house and this a garden.

! In this case, the question is about different objects located in the same area.

Я смотрю телевизор, а жена читает книгу в соседней комнате. [Ya smatryú tilivízar, a zhiná chitáit v sasédnij kómnati.] – I’m watching TV, but my wife is reading a book in the next room.

Conjunction НО [NО]

This conjunction is used in opposition of different features of the same object, subject or person. This is a morepowerful form of opposition. It has no connective meaning; rather the maximum distances the same object, subject or person:

Моя машина исправная, но уже очень подержанная. [Mayá mashýna isprávnaya, no uzhé óchin′ padérzhanaya.] – My car is working, but very used.

Моя тётя любит свою работу, но у неё маленькая зарплата. [Mayá tyótya lyúbit svayú rabótu, no u niyó málin′kaya zarplata.] – My aunt likes her work very much, but her salary is small.

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