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Expressions of Politeness

The expressions of politeness are the nuts and bolts that you should learn in language from the beginning. They would be very useful for your first attempts in communication in a foreign language. They help to get communication going, even if you don't know what to say else and can communicate only with gestures. Probably, you should learn the expressions of politeness at first using the method of transcription and listening to audios.

Phrases used for greeting and saying goodbye.

Доброе утро [dobraye utra], добрый день [dobryy den'], добрый вечер [dobryy vecher], доброй ночи [dobray nochi] - Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night.
(Pay attention to changing of case in last example).
Здравствуй [zdrastvuy] (addressing to one person or in communication «на «ты» - sing. form), здравствуйте [zdrastvuyte] (addressing group of people or in communication «на «вы» - plural form) - How do you do/Hello.
Привет [privet] (informal greeting) - Hi.
Рад вас (тебя) видеть [Rad vas (tibya) videt'] - Glad to see you.

Saying goodbye
До свидания [da svidan'ya], до встречи [da fstrechi], до завтра [da zaftra], до скорого [da skorava] - Good bye, see you, catch you tomorrow, see you soon.
Пока [paka] (informal expression) - Bye.
Спокойной ночи [spakoynay nochi] (used when we are going to bed).

Gratitude and response to gratitude
Спасибо [spasiba]. Большое спасибо [bal'shoye spasiba]. Благодарю [blagadaryu]. - Thanks. Thanks a lot. Thank you.
Пожалуйста [pazhalusta]. Не за что [ne za shta]. Рад (рада) помочь [rat (rada) pamoch']. Не стоит благодарности [ne stoit blagadarnasti]. - You're welcome. Not at all. My pleasure. Forget it.

Apology and response to apology
Извините (извини - for sing.form) [izvinite] (izvini). Извините, пожалуйста [izvinite pazhalusta]. Простите (прости - for sing.form) [prastite (prasti). Прошу прощения [prashu prashcheniya]. - Excuse me/Sorry/Pardon. Excuse me, please. Excuse me/Sorry. I do apologize.
(These phrases are also used for drawing attention).
Пожалуйста [pazhalusta]. Ничего [nichivo] (ничего страшного [nichivo strashnava]). - Come on. It's no big deal/Everything is ok.

Помогите мне, пожалуйста [Pamagite mne pazhalusta] - Help me, please.
Не могли бы вы мне помочь? [Ni magli by vy mne pamoch'?] (almost a rhetorical question used for drawing attention).
Объясните [ab'yasnite]. Подскажите [patskazhite]. (imperative, in more formal way it is used with the word «пожалуйста» - please).

Agreement and disagreement
Да [da]. Конечно [kaneshna]. Ладно [ladna]. Да, хорошо [da, kharasho]. Я согласен [ya saglasen]. - Yes. Of course. Okay. Yes, sure. I agree.
Нет [Net]. Я не согласен [ya ne saglasen]. Ни в коем случае [ni f koim sluchai]. Нет, спасибо [net, spasiba]. - No. I disagree. By no means. No, thanks.

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