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Interrogative sentences

The point of interrogative sentences is not giving information but getting it. Along with intonation, which is a distinctive feature of interrogative sentences (rising tone on a key word), it is important to make correct word order. Starting learning the language, some students think that we can simply interchange words without changes in meaning. Yes, sometimes it's true. But most often when we change the word order, we change intonation and sometimes even the meaning drastically. On the other hand, the possibility to interchange words in a sentence is a great way to express a wide range of thoughts and emotions. You should just master it.

Well, if we don't raise the issues on particles and take just simple sentences with interrogative word, then word order is very important because interrogative word is often related to a nearby phrase. We can divide all interrogative sentences into three groups. The first one incluedes those that require answer (actually, this is their aim). Sometimes, it's just the answer "Да" (Yes) or "Нет" (No), sometimes they require complete answer.

Вы поедете в отпуск? (requires the answer Да or Нет) - Will you go on vacation?
Когда вы поедете в отпуск? (requires complete answer) - When will you go on vacation?

The following group includes such questions which induce, rather than require response information.
А не пойти ли спать? - Shall we go to bed?

There are also interrogative-rhetorical structures that do not require answer.
Разве в нашем регионе бывает теплое лето? - Is there really warm summer in our region?

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