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Usage of the word ЕСТЬ

One of the cases which requires distinct explanation is the case when we necessarily use the word "есть" (to have) and when we can omit it. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand the difference when you use a sentence with the word "есть" [yest'] or without it, for example:

У меня есть билеты в театр - I have theatre tickets.
У меня нет билетов в театр - I have no theatre tickets / I do not have any theatre tickets.

1. Well, it is better to use the word "есть", when you want to say that a subject does possess something and it is quite obvious. Back to our example, we don't know whether he/she has those tickets in fact because we have not seen them. In this case it's appropriate to use the word "есть". But in other cases the usage of the word "есть" can sound absurdly. For example, if we say:

У меня есть голубые глаза - I have blue eyes.

As the color of eyes is an obvious fact, we can omit the word "есть".

Describing appearance, we can often omit the word "есть" - once again, if they are obvious facts such as color of eyes or hair. If the fact is not obvious, you can use it. For example, "У него есть родинка на правой щеке" - He has a birthmark on the right cheek.

You can easily check this, if you make the sentence negative.

We can easily imagine the phrase: "У меня нет билетов" (I have no tickets), but the phrase "у меня нет голубых глаз" (I have no blue eyes) does not make any sense. To practise this rule, just change a sentence - if you get appropriate negative form, then the usage of the word "есть" is correct.

2. If there is an attribute of a noun, then the word "есть" will be unnecessary in this structure.

У него новые кроссовки - He has new jogging shoes.
У нее два телефона - She has two telephones.

3. If we talk about abstract notions but not about certain objects, we can omit the word "если".

У меня день рождения - It's my birthday.
У мамы выходной - My mom has day-off.

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