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Functions of the preposition У

Remember that prepositions are your main mates in the determination of case. If you find out, what functions this or that preposition exercises, then you will not only understand the meaning of what has been said or written easily, but also determine the case of a word.

It's all easy with the preposition Y [u]: it most often means location (replaces the preposition "около" [okala] (nearby) or exercises possessive function (when someone has something) and is used in genitive case. It also has some more meanings which imply "location nearby" ("около") - both literally and figuratively.

Well, if you see the preposition У [u], the expression will have one of the following meanings:

1. Location of an object, physical closeness to something.
Мы купили домик у озера - We've bought a house nearby the lake.
Я буду ждать тебя у магазина - I'll be waiting you nearby the store.
У дома растет дерево - A tree is growing nearby the house.

2. Location, habitation somewhere or with someone.
Было уже поздно и мы остались ночевать у Петровых - It was getting dark so we've stayed for night at the Petrovys'.
Я живу у мамы - I live at my mom's house.

3. Belonging (as well as lack of it).
У меня есть компьютер, у моего брата их два - I have a computer and my brother has two.
У нее голубые глаза - She has blue eyes.
У нашего дома красная крыша, а у дома наших соседей зеленая - Our house has red roof and our neighbors' house has green one.

4. Possessiveness (replaces words «мой» - my, «наш» - our)
Директор у нас любит повеселиться - Our boss likes having fun.
(= наш директор любит повеселиться)
Папа у меня заядлый рыбак - My father is an enthusiastic fisherman.
(= мой папа заядлый рыбак).

5. Feeling, emotions.
У меня болит голова - I have a headache.
У меня хорошо получается водить машину - I'm good at driving car.

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