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We quickly remember the information that is of interest to us. Therefore, in the beginning of the study of the Russian language, it is best to begin not only what you need to know, but also what you would like to talk about.

What do people like to talk about? Of course, about their interests and hobbies. If you like to talk about your hobby, then your interlocutor will do the same. So, an easy natural dialogue started between you, when you cannot think about cases and verbs. Especially if you are lucky, and the interlocutor shares your interests

In Russian there are several stable verbs for expressing interests and preferences. Let's look at them on examples.


The most common phrase for expressing one’s preferences.

Мне нравится фисташковое мороженое. – [Mne nrávitsa fistáshkavaye marózhnaye.] – I like pistachio ice cream.
Марине не нравится конный спорт. – [Maríni ni nrávitsa kónyj sport.] – Marina doesn’t like equestrian sport.


It’s synonymous with the phrase «МНЕ НРАВИТСЯ». Also, it can be used to enhance the emphasis on the necessary words in speech.

Я люблю готовить блюда русской и европейской кухни. – [Ya lyublyú gatóvit′ blyúda rúskaj i yevrapéjskaj kúkhni.] – I love to cook dishes of Russian and European cuisine.

Ване нравится слушать разную музыку, но больше всего он любит рок-музыку. – [Ványe nrávitsa slúshat′ ráznuyu múzyku, no ból′shi fsivó on lyúbit rok-múzyku.] - Vane likes to listen to different music, but most of all he loves rock music.

! These phrases are more common in colloquial speech.

? And how else can you say in Russian about your hobbies and interests?


The strengthened form of «Я ЛЮБЛЮ» and is used in colloquial speech.

Наша семья обожает летние пикники. Мы каждый год с нетерпением ждём начала тёплого сезона. – [Násha sim′yá abazháyet létniye piknikí. My kázhdyj got s netirpéniyem zhdyom nachála tyóplava sizóna.] – Our family adores summer picnics. Every year we look forward to the beginning of the warm season.


This form is suitable for both written and spoken use.

Денис и Катя предпочитают отдых в горах отдыху на пляжах. – [Dinís i Kátya pritpachitáyut ótdykh f garákh ótdykhu na plyázhakh.] - Denis and Kate prefer vacation in the mountains than relaxing on the beach.


This phrase is more informative and can be used in both written and spoken language.

В свободной от работы время Пётр интересуется фотографией. – [F svabódnaye ot rabóty vrémya Pyotr intirisúyetsa fatagráfiyej.] – Peter is interested in photography in his spare time.

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