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Russian modern slang

The colloquial language is also difficult because it is rich in idioms and slang. Any language is changing every day. You could have spent ten years on learning academic backgrounds, then come to hostel and be at a loss («обалдеть» [abaldet’]), realizing that you understand the speech of other people not so much. Sometimes, a familiar word can be used in an absolutely unclear context.

Not to be confused in a modern society of Russian-speaking people, I’d like to introduce you some popular slang and slang terms which you can hear in conversations or see on web-pages.

By the way, the Internet is often called just «Инет» [Inet].

«Параллельно» [paralel’na] – whatever, couldn't care less, a small matter.
«Фейк» [feyk] – fake, falsification, untruth.
«Няшно» [nyashna] – nice, attractive (from Japanese «nya» - the imitation of cat’s purring).

Котики на фото такие няшные. – The cats on the picture are so sweet.

«Кэп» [Kehp] or «Капитан Очевидность» [Kapitan Achividnast’] - A fictional superhero. We call such a person who’s said something very obvious, that other understand without saying.

- Если мы проиграем, то потеряем все. – If we lose, we lose everything.
- Спасибо, Кэп.- Thanks, Cap.

«Мутить» [mutit’] – do/make something, plot, organize.

Мы замутили вечеринку. – We organized a party.
Мне нужно срочно нужно намутить бабла. – I urgently need to make money.

«Бабло» [bablo] - money.
«Космос» [Kosmas] – expression of admiration of something or someone.

Эта девушка просто космос! – This girl is awesome!

«Чел» [Chel] – short form of «человек» [chilavek] (man). We call such a young man.

Мне знакомый чел обещал дать погонять зеркалку. – My acquaintance promised to lend me his reflex camera.

«Погонять» [poganyat’] – lend something.
«Зеркалка» [zerkalka] – a reflex camera.

«Мыльница» [myl’nitsa] – a compact-size digital or film camera.

«Жесть» [zhest’] – the word is derived from the words «жестоко, жестокий» [zhistoka, zhistokiy] (cruel). We use it when we are unhappily surprised, when we see or know something unpleasant.

- Его выгнали из университета. – He is excluded from university.
- Жесть. – Cripes!

«Штукатурка» [shtukaturka] – cosmetics, make-up (literally – plaster).

Три слоя штукатурки. (На ней слишком много косметики)- Three lays of plaster (She has too much make-up).

«Огонь» [agon’] – we call such something that we like, something beautiful and impressive (literally –fire).

Фоточки огонь. – The pictures are cool.

«Блин» [blin] – Literally it means a pancake. It is an immortal slang term which denotes nothing but expresses the emotion similar to «damn», but more gentle.

Блин, опять проспал школу! – Damn, I overslept my school again!

«Юзать» [yuzat’] – to use.

Я юзаю эту кофеварку уже третий год. – I’ve been using this coffee-machine now in its third year.

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