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Русские диалекты dialects

Thanks to one of our subscribers for an interesting question. Yes, this is true that we have various dialects in Russia. However, our dialects has a negligible difference, therefore we can easily understand each other. There are three main dialects distinguished in Russia:

• Северное наречие. Northern Russian
• Среднерусское наречие. Central Russian
• Южное наречие. Southern Russian

Each foreigner has their right to choose Russian dialect they would like to train. For example in Ruspeach dialogues at www.ruspeach.com we train Moscow dialect (Central Russian).

Hope we helped.
With best wishes,
Ruspeach team
Từ khóa: Nước Nga

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Республика Адыгея

Tác giả của bức ảnh: Юрий Шевченко

Республика Адыгея. Цветущие рододендроны в природном парке «Большой Тхач». Россия

The Republic Of Adygea. Blooming rhododendrons in the natural Park "Bolshoi Thach". Russia
Кавказский хребет

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Кавказский хребет на закате, Россия

The Caucasian ridge at sunset, Russia
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В России, в Липецкой области, есть памятник персонажу русских народных сказок - Змею Горынычу.

In Russia, in the Lipetsk region, There is a monument to the character of Russian folk tales - Snake Gorynych.
Россия, Калининград, Набережная Рыбной деревни
Russia, Kaliningrad, the Quay of the Fish Village
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